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NEST Agency - Invest in Bulgaria - Your Strong Partner for Bulgaria
Bulgaria has continually moved ahead as an innovative business location. Bulgaria is particularly strong in the mechanical engineering, automotive, medical technology, biotechnology and ICT sectors, taking advantage of its geographical position in the cross roud of Europe, its verz well educational system and last but not least, its high quality of life. These sectors have a long-established tradition in science and industry. Today, they have become the dynamic forces driving the country’s emergence as one of Eastern-Europe’s most attractive technology locations. Bulgaria has established an effective research promotion system for entrepreneurs with promising ideas: direct grants, tax advantages and other measures are assisting companies to make money by exploiting good ideas .
All firms with a registered office in Bulgaria are entitled to apply for these grants, including subsidiaries of foreign companies. The program even promotes the targeted setting up and expansion of research hubs. Bulgarien bietet Unternehmern ein effektives Fördersystem: Direkte Förderungen, Steuervorteile und weitere Maßnahmen helfen, mit guten Ideen auch Geld zu sparen.
In the case of companies for which knowledge is their primary asset, clusters represent an invaluable competitive edge in contrasts to companies struggling on their own. The added resources nurture new ideas, driving input and creativity. Infrastructure can be used optimally.
Well-trained scientific staff

The Bulgarian educational system features high standards and flexibility, encouraging and supporting career changers, career crossovers, late starters and people thirsting for professional training and continuing education. Bulgarians are East European champions in life-long learning. In a dual educational system apprenticeship is accompanied by vocational training. Working in close cooperation with companies, schools ensure that the educational system meets the requirements of the business community.

In addition to vocational schools, higher technical schools provide courses in all fields. Upon graduation, a student can either commence his professional career, or continue his education by attending one of the 57 universities of applied sciences, 37 public universities or 20 private universities in Bulgaria.

International scientific community. Without doubt, Bulgaria is one of the most pleasant places in the world to live. However, this is not the only reason underlying the ability of research institutions and R&D headquarters to attract international scientific staff.

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