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We at NEST-Agency work and support developing of trade, company representation, trade intercession and intermediary between the international and local companies in our transition economy, and particularly the business sector of small and medium enterprises, in their efforts to realize their full potential for developing exports and improving import operations to meet the world quality requirements and standards.
The company NEST Agency Ltd. was set up in the year 2001 in order to offer counseling and help to different firms in investment managing and finding new business opportunities. During the initial period our activities were directed mainly to Bulgaria.
Our firm has a small and flexible number of employees which depends largely on the number and scale of the projects we lead. Some Experts covering different fields are invited to cooperate on contractual basis in the process of carrying out different projects. More importantly permanent cooperation with numerous highly qualified associates with a great number of good business and other connections has been established, enabling a successful representation and enforcement of our partners' and clients' interests for the achievement of their goals. Namely, we try to link experience, professional approach good knowledge with the understanding of problems and opportunities in different environments.
Our associates share extensive professional experiences in the field of economy, management, and law, as well as in carrying out professional political, economical and safety analyses both on the operational and strategic level. In addition, we have experience with working closely with government bodies, in the field of international cooperation with several most distinguished institutions. In the past, we individually participated in the structures of EU and we are doing our best to preserve, extend and strengthen these connections.
We offer to foreign and Bulgarian firms when they invest in the domestic market and especially in their investments in Bulgarian market of the above mentioned areas. New opportunities for investing in real estate, infra-structure, trade, industry and other areas are sought. We help our partners and counsel them in looking for new future partners, in entering new markets and in the preparation and planning of different projects. Our role in establishing contacts with key state and local institutions in individual countries is also very important. Possible obstacles our partners might encounter are identified. Since we have several connections in key positions in individual countries we also help our partners to overcome potential problems. Due to our capacities which allow us to quickly and effectively obtain data, establish the necessary contacts and solve problems, we have had some really good results in this area. At the same time we already obtained a significant amount of data – e.g. on available building sites or real estate (s. www.imotinest.eu ) as well as on firms looking for co-investors or other forms of investments. 
We assist our partners in project design and co-funding applications. In collaboration with our associates we possess a high amount of experience and consequently provide a lot of possibilities for effective assistance and help.
According to our partners' needs and requirements we counsel and help secure the safety of their investments. Our counseling covers the phase of leading the projects and firm management. Our special attention is directed to collecting and checking data and information focusing mainly on the so called “soft data and information” that often play a very important role in leading projects and reaching strategic business decisions.
We help our partners find adequate experts and managers abroad and ensure adequate data concerning their competence and expertise.
Political and economic estimates of the environment where our partners intend or already carry on business are prepared. We also elaborate forecasts, analyses, estimates and other reports our partners require.
It is our goal to suit the needs of our partners to the highest extent. Due diligence of firms is also part of our services. Since some very good results have been achieved in this area so far, we can ensure a fast response and reliable information in a relatively short period of time.
A part of our activities is directed to counseling in the area of management, especially concerning organization, human resources and management of security risks. The methodology used to help ensure the effective protection of the firm's own fundamental interests and data has been developed.
We are really engaged in counseling and assistance when new firms are founded and in the formation of project and management teams.
NEST Agency, as a part of Association NEST cooperates with a few bigger and smaller firms in the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad. Both short- and long-term contracts are concluded. But we are also engaged in the realization of individual projects. Due to a very specific area of work our cooperation is based on a confidential relationship between the partner and our firm. There are special provisions in all our contracts which cover this relationship. A special attention is paid to ensuring no conflicts of interest between our partners. The accepted tasks are carried out with the best of our efforts. Prior to taking certain obligations we always thoroughly consider our existing possibilities and discuss them in detail with our potential partner.

Concerning our possible cooperation I suggest we examine all the possibilities for our cooperation regarding coming of foreign firms on to the Bulgarian market. Our priorities are forign firms and companies from the region, whereas we cooperate with firms from other countries as well.

By our mutual cooperation we could prepare the following for the above mentioned firms:
basic information firms need in making decisions about entering new markets (information about political and macro-economic situation in the country, business conditions, key information about formal-legal regulations in the area the firm will deal with, economic and financial business conditions, possibilities for obtaining loans and the like),
sector analyses,
preparation of information about concrete investment opportunities,
collection an preparation of data about potential partners,
cooperation in the area of careful survey (due diligence),
counseling and assistance in founding or purchasing the firm and making contracts,
assistance in looking for, hiring and managing adequate locations for their business activities,
counseling and assistance in looking for  adequate experts for individual areas,

Other activities connected with the above-mentioned.

Considering everything mentioned I think that our cooperation would be extremely important since we can offer counseling firms in solving concrete problems they might encounter when starting and later developing business activities in Bulgaria . And vice versa – as far as Bulgarian firms in other countries of the region or the EU are concerned. I am convinced that with mutual efforts we could be really effective. Namely, we could be of great help to our future clients or partners in their endeavors since very often some concrete problems that could be solved and are usually connected with more or less subjective obstacles often present crucial factors for relatively fast withdrawal of firms from the market.
In certain areas permanent cooperation and exchange of data and assessments (preparation of different analyses) could be established. Even more suitable would be cooperation concerning some concrete projects where common objectives and tasks would be precisely defined.
Restructuring and reorganization of firms as well as funds from different European structural funds for well prepared projects could be another area of our cooperation. Together with our partners we offer expert knowledge and experience. Especially concerning the preparation of projects and documentation.
Some further concrete opportunities and sectors of cooperation could be mentioned (construction industry, infrastructure, pharmaceutics, chemical industry and others), but I consider it would be better to define them during our planned meeting. I am convinced there are numerous opportunities. It is by no means of key importance to assess the degree of compatibility of areas and modes of our functioning. In case this basic condition is fulfilled, it will be important to find adequate forms for our eventual cooperation and for settling of our relationships.
Finally, I would once more like to stress that I am most willing to hold a personal meeting with you and a concrete talk that would help us find out how compatible our views are regarding the above-mentioned issues and thus enable us to make some further steps toward the realization of common projects and concrete activities.
There are many reasons to do business and to invest in Bulgaria. We offer consultation for strategic location with inexpensive low manufacturing cost, and the country itself offer highly educated labour force at Europe's lowest wage levels. Bulgaria has among the lowest corporate tax rates and easiest business start- and setting-up procedures in Europe. Investments in technology, industrial manufacturing, leisure and real estate will lead your company growth and allow you to cover new commercial territory.
A key function of the Agency is to provide top-quality customer services. It provides the customers, partners, investors with up-to-date information for the Bulgarian market, the projects, the potential partners, the labour market and conditions, so and more.