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The company is member of:
Bulgarian Chamber of commerce and industry
The executing Agency Nest is a part of the Nest Association
The Association Of Economic Development Of The Commercial, Business And Industrial Enterprises.
The Agency represents international companies on the Bulgarian market and contribute to their activity. It takes companies and commercial representation on exclusive or non-exclusive basis. It disposes with the necessary database, which you are looking for. It supports and helps to the international companies and the Bulgarian clients to finish successfully there contracts and projects.
We grant power for your projects!

The Agency co-operates international companies which would like to be active on the Bulgarian market, from "A" to "Z". The clients are supported for their projects by the Agency's collaborators and expert-consultants (justice, technical, economical and information assistance) . The Agency support the investment and immobile(real estate) investments projects for carry out productions , alliance and setting up on the territory of Bulgaria.

Our team work actively for ideas of yours to be realized in the conditions of the joining of Bulgaria to the EC, using the privileges of the new economic and investment climate on the Bulgarian market, to expand your market and to cover new commercial territory.
Bulgarian Chamber of commerce and industry