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Carry out production

Let us to give to you an example, which can convince you of economic an production place Bulgaria.

The labour plays important part in the whole process and its streamline and qualification are from very great importance for the company prosperity.
At the existing economic situation and the monthly labour costs for new set enterprises in Bulgaria, with about 30 Persons and 2 General Manager from the issue country approximately will be app. 20 000 - 25 000 EUR. In a year it will be about 240 000 - 300 000 EUR. In 5 year horizon its made about 1 200 000 EUR - 1 500 000 EUR. The calculation we like to let to you.
To be a success to set up company , or to carry out a production or to make new investment in Bulgaria we offer to our customer our extra services:
Set up a new company in Bulgaria as: LTD; ELTD/One person LTD/; JSC,
Support to the bureau administrative's services,
Support for the search of attractive real estate plots (new and old),
Support to search of the office, personal and real estate for personal use,
Support to search of partners companies for engineer's services. building services and material

To bring the East-West-Company communication on the same wavelength,

To clear of Illusions for the Market in Bulgaria,