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I. Address intermediary

1.1. Address recherché, Post address, Phone, Fax, E-mail, contact Person
• till 10 Companies/Institutions
• the next company/institutions
1.2. Mailing service Address recherché, presentation of product brochures with attend letter in Land language
• till 10 Companies/Institution
• the next company/institution
1.3. Announce service
Announce service in reliability Bulgarian newspapers, Magazines in Bulgarian and English languages
• Choice of advertising bearer
• Announcement translating in Bulgarian
• Announcement intermediary

II. Market information

2.1. Individual Market study according to the customer.
Field of the market product
• the actual economic situation in Bulgaria
• the regulation frames of the product markets, such as Norm and industry standards, import customs and Taxes
• the main factors of the market development
The Product market
• domestic and foreign competitor’s companies and its products
• valuation of the market
• market segments an positioning
• Distributing structures in the domestic market
• Officials, Chambers, Associations and institutions
• Competitive Market player
• Potential distributors
• Fairs and Magazines


2.2. Economic information
• General information about the frame conditions for the economic development of Bulgaria (import/export conditions, customs information. Finance book-keeping, norms, standards, certificate, directions and so on)
• actual economic situation in Bulgaria and foreign trade statistics
• short market analyses for specific branches
2.3. Information about company and their trust
III. Individual co-operations consulting
3.1. Business partner intermediary
Determine of the Market entry and co-operation strategy
• Analysis talks with the foreign company
• Definition of the target groups and the profiles of the Bulgarian Partners
Market recherché und Acquisition
• Search form addresses of potential partners
• Phone first contact. Determine of the partner and interest interview
• Preparation of company representation
• Preparation of the letter
• Forwarding of company prospects
• Phone after action for the indelicate the customer’s interest with the first personal phone talks.
• Preparing of the end report with the respective company profiles
Business trip and support to extend an agreement
• The NEST Bulgaria is for this service offer available according “Organization of events”.
3.2. Organization of events, company’s visits, business trips and seminars  
Events planning
• Negotiate and confirm of the business meeting
Events organization
• preparation of low time and expenses business trip plans
• Choice and reservation of transport facilities
• choice and reservation of hotels
Attending and support during the negotiates
• Translators services through all country contacts
• Joint Visit of potential customers and partners, but also visit of state intuitions
• consult about typical country respond and culture special feature
After support
• End talks about the result from the business trip, consult about the next steps

3.3. Personal intermediary
3.3.1. Personal search
Consult and determinate of search profile
• Form the announcement
• Media choice
• Receive of the apply from the candidates according search profile

3.3.2. Personal choice
• Takes and holds the first talks with the candidates
•Logistic support included. Room- and Communications possibilities
3.4. Organization of Fairs participation in Bulgaria
• Consult and information about the fairs in Bulgaria
• Hotel- and Stand reservation
• support by the building of the stand
• Target definition
• Prepare, Print and send of invitations to the potential Bulgarian customers an business partners
• Collect of the responds
• organization of the translating services during the fair

IV. Organization of events
4.1. Co-operation exchange, Seminars, Press conferences
• Target group definition
• Prepare, Print and send of invitations
• Collect of the responds
• Phone support
• Prepare of timetable
• Intermediary of translators
Organization of event rooms
Support conduct through the event (Moderation)
• Business trip organization

4.2. Delegation trips
• Trip organization an coordinate
• preparation of co-operation symposium and acquisition potential Bulgarian business partners
• After services

4.3. Company presentation
• Target group definition
• Prepare, print and send of invitations
• Collect and sum up of the responds
• Phone support
• Choice and reservation of room and technical equipment
• Translator services
• Support conduct through the event (Moderation)

V. Lawyer information

5.1. Contract formation

5.2. Company’s law

5.3. Company setting up

5.4. Labour law

5.5. collection technologies

VI. Other Services
6.1. Translation in written
(1800 symbols / standard page)
• German - Bulgarian
• Bulgarian – German
• English - Bulgarian
• Bulgarian – English
6.2. Translation in word  
6.3. Choice and intermediary of translators and experts  
6.4. Seminar room
• Conference table/s
• TV set and Video recorder
• Multimedia and Notebook
• Flip chart
• Overhead projector
6.5. Support to real estate search and industry real property BULGARIA  
for business purpose - 500,-- charge  
for personal purpose    
for rent for business purpose  
for rent for personal purpose   
6.7. Registration of a limited company by shares or guarantee, with share capital  
6.8. Registration of a company without share capital  
6.9. Registration of an increase in the company’s capital  
6.10. Change of name of company  
6.11. Preparationservices of organization for distribution's networks in Bulgaria,  
VII. Personal services
Company's attendant  
- car  
- car luxury car, pick-up/mini bus, jeep  
Protection - Personal bodyguard; Client's a la carte  
VIII. Representation of companies  

Exclusive 10 Countries - Balkan Region Company Representation*: Bulgaria and the neighbor countries; Romania, Serbia, Monte Negro, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey

Exclusive company's representation*  
Company's Representation*  
* The expenses are not included.

1. The supports starts with the entry of your company order by us (mail, fax, or E-mail)
2. Please give us by your order all communications possibilities (company name and headquarters, phone, fax, E-mail, home page business partner)
3. The payment will be done against invoice issued by NEST Agency Ltd.:
  50% - In advance for the offered services,
  100% - In advance for the foreign services and foreign expenses
  The balance will be done until the end of the services
Issue: 2008

General Business Conditions