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HR Development
NEST Agency is specialized in the development and the execution of innovatory conceptions of your personal and organizational development of your staff and company. It analyzes the entire organization of the working process in your company and offer you the best decisions according to the situation on the market.
We help and support the identification and the motivation of your staff, as optimizing the information and the communication culture in the enterprise. At enterprises on reorganization of the production's process, we do our offers from the making of the conception to their entire execution. The main task of the Agency is the discovering of optimum place for every employee of your company. This for us means - personal consultations with the relevant employee. Within the framework of seminars we develop the main lines for development of the enterprise. By means of diagnosis and a method of teaching, and the executing of modern consultation systems, we cover, analyze the passing condition of the company and do motions for its optimization.
HR Communication
The Agency can select for your company the needed skilled and perspective staff, specialists and leading employees. We take the entire conception and executing of your acts concerning the development of the staff in your company. Except this we are developing long-term prognoses for the development of the human resource in your enterprise and on aim groups. Especially important for the development of the staff in your company is to conduct marketing to it, with a view of the facts of the relevant segment from the market of the labour force. The stare in the passing condition of the offering of labour force is one important factor which your company would have to bear in mind.
What else we would do for your company
Inner Communication
Outer communication
Motivation and project group
Following activities- Personal explanation of reports and conversations,Training the staff and the teams,Generalization of the process feedback,
Analysis- Culture audit,Management Audits,Consultations and inquiry to the staff,
Process attendance- Defining of the purpose,
Development of your career
The agency as a consultant in the development of your career is ready to accompany you passing or long-term to your way of development. Our specialists jointly with you, analyzed you potential opportunities and they elaborate step by step opportunities for your farther qualification, because of raising your price on the labor market. We advise you in the choice of the corresponding, approach position and we help you to do the best choice for our future professional development. For us your individual professional requests and ideas are from especially meaning and they are a centre of attention.
We will show you the way and the opportunities optimal because of you're positioning on the labor market. Together we will discuss and analyze your existing career; we will show your strong and weak sides in your professional profile.
We will elaborate jointly with you your personal strategy and we will advise you for your future career.
  Personal ruling of your career
  Applying for work, preparation for interview for applying for work,explanation the criteria for choice,
  Organization, consultation at problems from new nature,
  Culture and rule - behavior style
  Personal qualities.
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